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Truly Handmade

Truly Handmade

We are pleased to offer our collection of eco soaps, natural soaps, and vegan soaps all of which are crafted by hand here in Jamaica. With a selection of fragrances, shapes, and sizes you are sure to find your perfect soap. From simple or unscented natural soap ideal for everyday use to luxury soaps that make for a special treat or gift.

“Soap isn’t necessarily bad for acne, but the wrong type of soap or cleanser can irritate the skin, making acne worse or making it difficult to use appropriate acne medications — many of which are drying,” says Dr. Kathleen Welsh, a San Francisco–based dermatologist s. “A good acne cleanser will remove surface oils and makeup thoroughly without irritation.”

  • Dry skin may benefit from the use of a hydrating cleanser.

What makes single-blend oils a better choice than premade department store ones? The answer is simple: clean curation.

Branded lotions and creams often come with preservatives, dyes, and artificial fragrances — all of which may lead to heightened skin sensitivity. Armed with essential oils, you can tailor your body oils to target stretch marks, sun spots, wounds — changing up your routine daily if desired.

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