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I have struggled with skin breakouts for years. I was introduced to Zurie Scent Products by one of my family members when I saw how radiant her face looked. The products that I started out with are as follow

    1. Turmeric Face Mask
    2. Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer
    3. Stretch Mark Body Butter
  1. Within a few weeks, I saw improvements as it relates to my breakouts after using these products and to top it off the customer service is awesome and very reliable as it relates to delivery.

For nice glowing skin, it’s all about Zurie Scent Products.

Monique .M

Mandeville, Manchester

My skin has been very dry for years, and since I have been buying this soap, it has become very soft. Thanks for using natural ingredients and essential oils in your products! I couldn’t be more pleased with your soaps.

Marisa Pirelli

Marisa Pirelli


The Benty Facial Mask feels really really good….

Jodie, Kingston

Goat’s Milk Soap Bar – It is perfect, my face feels like velvet – thank you for thinking of us and
providing us with quality products to suit our needs….

Trudy, Christiana Manchester

“Magic in a Jar” – Eucalyptus Candle,

Kim, Caledonia Meadows

I used The Benty Facial Mask on my client and the results were great – skin was more radiant. I was very satisfied.

Richards Spa and Beauty, Midway Mall, Mandeville

“Try the Tumeric and Honey, best facial soaps thanks to Zurie Scents.”

Happy Customer, Mandeville

I’ve been using Zurie Scents for over a year now, it’s an amazing product. I’ve seen so much changes in my face white using ‘Tumeric and Carrot soap. Try it there are no regrets.

Cotett S.

Christiana, Manchester

Let me just start by saying that your turmeric face soap and clear face serum work miracles. My face was so uneven and had a lot of acne scars. Feeling proud of my skin now and even with the aloe moisturizer. Wow girl, keep up the good work. Love your products


Good afternoon, well, to be honest, I can already see positive results in the charcoal, my face is already clearing up. The turmeric and carrot I gave one of my friends, her face is also clearing up she had a lot of bumps I really love the products. Thinking of getting a few more when these are finished. Waiting on another


I struggle with blackheads and large pimples. Charcoal and turmeric soap from Zurie is the bomb. I have less breakouts and skin is glowing. Thanks Zurie

T Kelly

I’ve had black spots for months. I tried so many products and the spots will just not go away. After using the Zurie Tumeric Soap for 2 weeks the spots began to fade.

F Paddyfoot

After being in the sun all day the Zurie charcoal leaves my body feeling fresh and clean.

G Reid

I got the opportunity to sample the turmeric & carrot bar and it was amazing. I love how clean I feel after using the product and It gives me a beautiful glow as well. I can also tell that it is helping with my acne


The soap has been everything. The turmeric soap has helped with my spot and scarring. My face is so much clearer, looks fresher, and gives me a natural glow. I have tried different products and none have worked as effective as your turmeric soap.



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